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Monetize vehicle data

The situation of car manufacturers

New competitors

New competitors

Large digital companies are pushing their software into the automotive sector. They capture more and more data and monetize it.
New business models

New business models

Automobile manufacturers often have little experience with data-based business models. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for monetization.
Use of data

Use of data

Many car manufacturers are therefore worried about their future role. The connection to the innovative use of their own valuable automotive data should not be missed.
Old values

Old values

The automobile manufacturers are the closest to the action with the sensors installed in the vehicle and should have control over the evaluation of the data themselves.

What is possible?

An application case is shown as an example. If the tyres on a vehicle spin in winter, this is a clear indication of an unspread road. This is important information for the city. Based on this information, it can coordinate the salting service.

Record data

Cars driving on the roads report to the manufacturer when the tires spin. The manufacturer stores this information in his cloud for each vehicle.

Evaluate data

An algorithm analyzes the data across all vehicles and determines the coordinates of the location where salting is required.

Derive action

The coordinates can be used by the city's salting service to salt efficiently and according to demand.

Why isn't it being implemented?

Internal know-how & time

Car manufacturers generally have neither the knowledge nor the time to build interfaces (Apis) for aggregated data for the multitude of possible applications.

Data protection

However, car manufacturers cannot publish the raw vehicle data of millions of users either. In general, the release of must be done by the respective vehicle owner for his own vehicle data.

How do you put it into practice?

mydaco has developed a software solution that allows third parties to write an algorithm, such as a scattering service. This algorithm is automatically uploaded to the car manufacturer's server where the vehicle data is already stored. The algorithm evaluates all vehicle data and determines where the smooth spots are and transmits the coordinates to the spreading service. The result does not contain any vehicle-related data and can therefore be shared.
The whole process is completely covered by mydaco software. This includes writing and testing of the algorithm by the third party like the spreading service, as well as the testing and evaluation by an admin of the vehicle manufacturer. Of course, deployment and scaling also take place fully automatically.

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