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Reach the bank customer directly

Challenges of Fintechs

Fintechs are working on revolutionary financial products with whole new use cases. There are many hurdles to take to reach consumers.
BaaS & PSD2

BaaS & PSD2

On one hand, banking-as-a-platform providers can help here, but they also entail considerable costs. On the other hand, there is the PSD2 interface, which is also associated with high certification effort and the complex construction of own infrastructure.
App Stores

App Stores

In both cases, the problem of building a trusted brand and reaching customers remains. The classic app stores are often associated with high wastage and low trustworthiness.


Many banks are therefore worried about their future role. The connection to the innovative use of your own valuable bank data should not be missed.


But isn't the goal is to provide the customer with the safest and most consistent banking experience possible, without the need for dealing with a large number of accounts and apps?

The integration in banks

mydaco understands these challenges precisely and has many years of experience in the field of tension between innovative services and highly sensitive data.
mydaco's software solution gives fintechs the opportunity to integrate their own financial products directly into a classic bank without PSD2 certification effort.
This avoids the competitive situation and there is a Win Win Win for all sides, the classic bank, the fintech and the consumer.

Be integrated directly into banks with mydaco!

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Usecase: Service development for a bank


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  • Conrad Connect has found a scalable way with mydaco to build a new ecosystem of digital services. The Developer Portal allows startups and enterprises to create and offer IoT applications easily for our user base.

    Andreas Bös

    Vice President, Conrad Connect
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  • Augletics has been able to easily integrate selected features of our webapp into IoT platforms through the mydaco platform,. We only had one-off effort and are automatically compatible with all mydaco partners.

    Flavio Holstein

    CEO, Augletics GmbH
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  • With mydaco we could easily integrate with Conrad Connect. Our customers can now easily trigger an order via a smart button.

    Zainab Shah

    Inhaberin, SnackBaron
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